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Custom Made & Bespoke Promotional Products

Clemenger - Sanitarium All Blacks Tackle Toy 2-154-255The Collateral Company specialise in producing custom made and bespoke promotional products. Whether you want to customise an existing product or create a bespoke promotional product from your imagination, we can develop your concepts and bring them to life!

When you brief us on your custom requirements, we can work up designs and engage with manufacturers in China to select the factory most experienced in the materials, products and customisations requested. Once you are happy with the designs and specifications, we will go into production and manage the entire sourcing, manufacturing, testing and shipping process of your custom and bespoke promotional products for you.

To brief us to customise or make a bespoke promotional product, tell us:
  1. Product size, shape, weight, material
  2. Quantity required
  3. Date required
  4. Delivery address
  5. Artwork creative (in Vector format)
  6. Example image
Custom made and bespoke products are made to order so its not a case of printing your design onto a stock item.  We need time to develop your concept, create pre-production samples and make revisions until you are completely satisfied with the product before going into full production. Ideally, we will have three months to fulfill a custom order:
  • One month for product design and sampling
  • 3-4 weeks for production
  • 3-4 weeks for shipping
For peace of mind, read our China Sourcing & Production Process.

To discuss your specific requirements with one of our team, why not contact us today?