Custom Made Bespoke Promotional Products

The Collateral Company specialise in producing custom made bespoke promotional products. Whether you want to customise an existing product or create a bespoke promotional product based on something you’ve seen, or right from your imagination, we can develop your concepts and bring them to life!

When you brief us on your custom made promotional product requirements, we will work up concepts and select the factory most experienced in the materials and products requested. We will liaise between you and the manufacturer to create product designs and custom specifications. Once you are happy with everything, we’ll go into pre-production sampling to create a physical sample for you to review.

When you are 100% comfortable with the sample, we’ll go into full production! Our team will manage the entire process for you; manufacturing, QC and shipping.

We can facilitate third party testing with SGS Group to ensure your product is fit for purpose or that the product, materials or ingredients comply with any legal and safety requirements you may need to adhere to. Some companies require third party factory audits. This provides the assurance that their brand is being applied by an ethical supply chain. We can facilitate that process for you.

Briefing guide for custom made bespoke promotional products

To brief us to customise or make a bespoke promotional product, we need to know the:

  1. Product size, shape, weight, material
  2. Quantity required
  3. Date required
  4. Delivery address
  5. Artwork creative (in Vector format)
  6. Example image

Bespoke promotional products are made to custom specifications so it is essential that plenty of time is allocated for in the project. Ideally, your project will allow for three months; one month for product design and sampling, one month for production and one month for shipping.

For more information, read our China Sourcing & Production Process that outlines our processes and timings. To discuss your specific requirements with one of our team, why not contact us today?