Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom printed T-Shirts can be used in a variety of promotional activities; Marketing activations, sports programmes, brand launches and uniforms.

The SOLS Imperial is our leading promotional T-Shirt. It is an attractive, economical, garment. It is suitable for any promotional purpose and available in Mens, Womens and Childrens sizes. Beyond the SOLS range, we are also distributors for several leading apparel brands. Just use the links in the ‘Apparel’ category above to view our supplier’s online catalogues. When you find what you like, just contact us with the product code and your artwork and we can quote for you.


Simply give us a call or contact us to place an order. If you’re just browsing to see what products fit your budget, click the icon above to register/login to view unbranded pricing. You can also use the ‘add to shortlist’ button to capture your preferred products. Once compiled, submit your shortlist, with your artwork, for our team to quote a decorated cost.

SOLS Imperial Women T-Shirt


SOLS Imperial Kids T-Shirt


SOLS Imperial Adult T-Shirt