China Sourcing & Production Process

We understand it can be stressful to hand over cash to custom make products in China, especially if your company’s budget sits with you. When you order with The Collateral Company, we have sourcing and production processes and systems in place to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the entire project.

1. People on the ground

The Collateral Company has people on the ground in China. Our team have an invaluable ‘local knowledge’ of manufacturers and when we respond to client quote requests, we immediately know which factories will be capable of making a quality product to your specifications, and which ones to avoid.

2. Quality factories

The manufacturers in China that we work with are highly experienced in the products they make.  We know they will make quality products, on time and on budget. We only work with reputable manufactures and when a client needs a factory audit done, to protect their brand, we can engage with third parties to provide such assurances.

3. All inclusive costs

When we provide a final quote to our clients, this includes all the variables such as freight, Customs and local delivery charges. There will be no surprises when you get the invoice at the end of the project!

4. Pre-production samples

A project should have sufficient time for us to manufacture pre-production samples.  This allows the client to see and touch the product and make any final changes before we go into production.  Having plenty of time for this development and sampling stage is essential.

5. Safety reports

At times a client may need product testing to be done to ensure their product meets safety requirements. At such times we contract SGS China to test a product according to our client’s requirements and provide internationally accepted reports.

6. Quality checks

Sometimes a client may want quality checks to be done mid-production. On those occasions, our team can visit the factory and provide clients with photos of products on the line. When more detailed reports are required, we engage with China Quality Control Services, Ltd to provide formal reports.

To discuss your specific requirements with one of our friendly team, why not contact us today?